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Expert Instructors

All of our instructors are current Data Scientists at industry leading companies. That means they do what they are teaching you every single day. They are here to pass along all of that critical know-how you can’t get from watching a video.

1:1 Mentorship

You’ll have a team of mentors who are current data scientists at top companies in your corner from day 1. 

Together they have decades of experience to guide you with insights that you can’t get anywhere else.  

Industry Partnerships

Forget about “Passion Projects”. Stand out from every other bootcamp graduate by completing a project with one of our industry partners.

That means that when you leave, you already have real work experience on your resume.

Career Support

It’s critical that you begin your job search immediately. This goes way beyond a resume review and interview practice. That’s why you’ll work with our team from day 1 to hone your pitch, start networking, connecting with mentors, and more.  


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They say its as much who you know as what you know. Thats where 

Career Support from Hirewell
Access to a vibrant community of startups, vc's and fortune 500 companies
Mentors from Tech and Business Communities

The Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Total Program Cost

The total cost of the Accelerator course is $20,000. 

This includes an up-front fee of $2,500 to secure your spot, and an income share agreement for the remainder, which you only pay if you find a job in a data science or analytics related role.

Other Payment Options

One up-front payment (includes 25% discount)

Fixed Payments over 12 Months

Employer Sponsorship

How the ISA works

Up front fee of $2,500 to secure your spot.

ISA Payments only start once you are employed in a data related role making over $65,000/year. 

Payments freeze if laid off.

Monthly payments adjusted based on your salary.

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Python Programming

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What You'll Learn Each Week

Dive into an exercise using SQL, an essential language for the data science industry. SQL is used in nearly every data scientist role in the industry to query data in databases and get a better understanding of what data is available in your database. During this week, you will practice using SQL to pull and explore data from a database. 

Spin up notebooks in Google Colab, learn about math functions, variables, expressions, and creating loops in Python. Learn the basics of NumPy (creation of arrays, math functions, and data manipulation). Learn the difference between lists and arrays. This week you will use Python to solve some algebraic equations that would be computationally challenging without programming as a tool.

Load data files and get an introduction to pandas and more complex data manipulation. Begin describing and plotting data. You will do a mini exploratory data analysis project leveraging the power of pandas and other python libraries.

Write basic Python functions, putting together skills from the past 4 weeks to begin to write more complex functions. Put NumPy, pandas, and custom Python functions together to solve several different business problems.

Combine skills from the past several weeks in training and testing a model and getting familiar with regression, the foundation for making predictions with machine learning. Your project for this week will be to build your first linear regression model using an automobile data set to predict metrics of certain cars.

Train decision tree models, one of the essential data science modeling techniques, and learn how to build decision trees from scratch. Build decision tree random forest models. You will use the automobile data set once again to train your decision tree, comparing the model to other models

Train and interpret the results of other model techniques like clustering.  Scikit-Learn to train and test multiple models, amplifying the extent of the coding, data manipulation, and machine learning skills you have learned in the past 6 weeks to create an end-to-end data science pipeline.

Use Tensorflow to create artificial neural networks (ANN), a powerful set of algorithms inspired by the brain’s neurons, which can be used for a variety of complex regression and classification tasks.

An important part of being a data scientist is being able to communicate about the data you are working with to stakeholders and non-technical audiences. Learn how to spin up a quick and easy web application and explore data visualizations on your local machine. You will get an introduction to the Streamlit library, and work with publicly available data to create your own dashboard of interactive data visualizations.

Begin your final project of the bootcamp, working on a real, industry-level machine learning problem. You will work with a company on a data science project, contributing to their workflow and putting your new data science skills to practice, while utilizing expert knowledge from instructors and mentors.

Learn how to interview for data scientist jobs like a champion. You will review common exercises and technical questions. Feedback from established mentors will be provided.

Is this program right for me?

This course was designed for people with prior experience in statistics and programming, such as software developers, analysts, and finance professionals. All professional and academic backgrounds are welcome.


6 months of active coding experience with a general-purpose programming language (e.g., Python, R, Java, SQL)


You have used Python before and understand the basic syntax or you’ve completed our Python Essentials course.

Comfortable with basic probability and descriptive statistics, including concepts like mean and median, standard deviation, distributions, and histograms
More questions about the program?

Email our Admissions team and we will be happy to answer your questions!

If you don’t meet these requirements, check out our this list of resources to help you get ready!

The Admissions Process


Submit your application

Fill out our application form to get started. There is no application fee. It takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll hear from us within 3-5 business days.


Technical Challenge

After initial review of your application, our team will invite you to complete a technical assessment. It features a mix of questions in math, statistics, python, and basic intuition in working with data.



Once you’ve successfully completed your challenges, you’ll get an opportunity to interview with a Data Scientist and our admissions team to further dive into your technical background, discuss your goals, and brainstorm on your project idea.


Welcome to Accelerate

Congratulations on making it into our Data Science Accelerator! We pride ourselves on having a highly selective and rigorous admissions process. This in part ensures you and your peers are setup for success. 

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